Seasonal Golfing in Myrtle Beach: A guide to golfing throughout the year

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offers golf enthusiasts the opportunity to play on world-class courses all year round. Each season has its own unique advantages and challenges, making it essential to know the best time to plan your golf vacation. In this guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of golfing in Myrtle Beach during each season and offer tips for making the most of your experience.


Spring is a popular time for golfing in Myrtle Beach, as the weather begins to warm up and the courses come to life with lush greenery. The mild temperatures and low humidity create comfortable conditions for golfers, while blooming flowers and trees provide a beautiful backdrop for your round.


  • Comfortable temperatures
  • Beautiful, lush scenery
  • Longer daylight hours


  • Course maintenance may be ongoing
  • Higher demand for tee times


Summer in Myrtle Beach can be hot and humid, but it’s also the perfect time for beach lovers who enjoy combining their golf vacation with time in the sun. Courses can be more crowded during the summer months, so it’s important to book tee times in advance to ensure availability.


  • Longer days for more golf
  • Beach time in addition to golfing
  • Potential for lower rates during slower times


  • Hot and humid conditions
  • Crowded courses
  • Higher rates during peak season


Fall is a great time to golf in Myrtle Beach, with milder temperatures and fewer crowds. The changing leaves add a beautiful touch to the courses, creating a picturesque setting for your round.


  • Milder temperatures
  • Less crowded courses
  • Potential for lower rates


  • Shorter days
  • Possible course maintenance


Winter in Myrtle Beach can be chilly, but it’s still possible to enjoy golfing with the right attire. The courses are less crowded, and many offer special rates during the winter months.


  • Lower rates
  • Less crowded courses
  • Potential for mild temperatures


  • Chilly weather
  • Shorter days
  • Course maintenance may be ongoing

Tips for Making the Most of Your Golfing Experience

  • Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly
  • Book tee times in advance, especially during peak seasons
  • Consider staying at a resort with on-site golf courses
  • Research the courses ahead of time to find the ones that best fit your skill level and preferences
  • Take advantage of seasonal specials and promotions

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