Tee Time: The Best Time to Play Golf in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, affectionately known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ boasts over 100 beautifully designed golf courses and clubs that adeptly serve both the recreational and serious golf enthusiast. If you are a golfer aiming to visit this prized haven soon, you could be wondering, when is the best time to play golf in Myrtle Beach? Well, allow this local’s guide to shed some light.

Spring: The Peak Season

Spring, particularly March through May, is often considered the premier season for golfing in Myrtle Beach. As winter resides, golfers from various regions venture to Myrtle Beach to make use of the pleasantly warm temperatures averaging 60°F-80°F and witness the vibrant shades of nature in full bloom. The humidity is low, and the weather conditions make the perfect ambiance for an excellent round of golf.

Nevertheless, spring is the peak season, meaning tee times might be harder to get, and rates might be higher as courses most often operate at full capacity. But fret not! This can be countered by booking your rounds early, with several courses offering prime discounts for forward booking.

Summer: The Off-Peak Season

If you’re on a budget or prefer less crowded fairways, summer (June-August) presents an admirable choice. As the heat and humidity intensify, fewer tourists flock the beaches and golf fields, hence driving down the golfing rates. Daytime temperatures often exceed 85°F, which may sound challenging. But if you’ve come prepared to manage the heat (think plenty of water and hats), you’ll still be able to enjoy your game. Plus, there’s a certain tranquillity that cloudless summer days bring, which can make your experience extra blissful.

Looking for more comfort? Opt for early morning or late evening rounds when the temperatures are cooler. Less crowded courses also indicate faster rounds, allowing you more freedom to play at your speed.

Fall: The Second Peak Season

For the best compromise between price, weather, and course conditions, golfing in Myrtle Beach during the fall season (September-November) is a propitious choice. The weather is more mild and drier, offering phenomenal golfing conditions. Colorful autumn foliage offers a stunning backdrop to the courses, adding a unique charm to your golfing adventure.

The fall season also hosts some noteworthy golf events and tournaments. The Myrtle Beach Fall Classic, for instance, invites golfers worldwide to compete under idyllic settings – be sure to check it out!

Winter: The Underrated Season

Winter in Myrtle Beach, spans December through February, and may actually provide some pleasing surprises for golfers. It’s comparatively milder, with temperatures averaging between 50°F to 60°F. Although a few chillier days may require you to layer up, these are sporadic and typically quickly followed by more temperate weather.

Winter presents yet another off-peak season where crowded beaches and golf courses are less of a concern. The pricing during this time is incredibly budget-friendly. Plus, with well-maintained fairways and greens throughout the year, golfing in winter still demands a try.

The Golden Hour: Early Mornings and Late Afternoons

Regardless of the season, early morning tee times are usually ideal for the direct beat of the sun is at minimum. The peaceful ambiance of the golf course, coupled with the soft light of the morning, creates a perfect picturesque scene to start your activity.

Late afternoon rounds also offer unique advantages like lesser crowd density and cooler temperatures. Plus, witnessing the sunset while enjoying a slow-paced round is, undoubtedly, a captivating experience.

In closing, Myrtle Beach offers desirable golfing conditions year-round, each season presenting its unique perks and quirks. Whether you’re an early bird, an evening golfer, a serious golfer, or merely enjoying a hobby, Myrtle Beach hosts golfing opportunities for everyone – anytime. The key is to align your golfing preference with the right season and roundup your experience by checking out the exciting local attractions, sumptuous cuisines, and amicable local crowd that Myrtle Beach proudly offers. Happy Golfing!

8 thoughts on “Tee Time: The Best Time to Play Golf in Myrtle Beach”

  1. Bookmarked this blog for my next trip to MB! Has anyone played in the Fall Classic before? Looking for some tips on how to prepare.

    1. I played the Fall Classic last year. You’ll need to work on your long game as the course spans a significant distance. Also, don’t forget your layered clothes because the weather gets a bit chilly. Good luck!

  2. Been a local here in Myrtle Beach for over 30 years and I can vouch for everything stated here. It’s a golfer’s paradise no matter the season. Just remember to stay hydrated folks!

  3. Can’t beat the serenity of an early morning tee time. That peace coupled with a cup of strong coffee… It’s as good as meditation, if you ask me.

  4. Thanks for the advice on managing the heat. I always tend to golf best in summer, but I never quite know how to handle the sticky weather. Bring on the fairways!

  5. Highly recommend checking out the dining scene in Myrtle after a day of golf. Nothing better than recharging with some excellent seafood and a pint of local brew. Cheers!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Myrtle’s seafood is top-notch. Don’t miss out on the clam chowder at the ‘Beach Bistro’.

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