The Most Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Golf lovers who are passionate about the environment will find Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to be an impressive locale. Commonly known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” Myrtle Beach boasts about 80 golf courses, with so many going the extra mile in green initiatives. If you’re a golf enthusiast looking to tee off in an eco-friendly environment, then consider these top environmentally friendly golf courses in Myrtle Beach.

Whispering Pines Golf Course

Whispering Pines Golf Course stands out as an extraordinary indication of how golf can harmoniously coexist with Mother Nature. This course, located near Myrtle Beach International Airport, is the first in South Carolina that has been recertified in Environmental Planning, Water Conservation, Outreach and Education by the Audubon International.

From the golf course maintenance teams using biological controls to invasive species management, Whispering Pines takes eco-friendly steps to reduce the reliance on chemical pesticides. Instead of synthetic fertilizers, the management uses organic compost, enhancing the soil’s health and reducing groundwater pollution.

Dunes Golf & Beach Club

The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, a Robert Trent Jones-designed course, is a prime example of a Myrtle Beach golf course that prioritizes environmental sustainability. Not only is this golf course beautiful, but it’s also Audubon Certified, recognizing its commitment to environmental stewardship.

The maintenance team uses best management practices, including but not limited to, water conservation and quality management, pollution prevention, and wildlife and habitat management. But what stands out the most are their butterfly gardens and bluebird trails, which offer safe habitats for these essential pollinators and beautiful songbirds.

Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club

Next on the list is Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus signature design. This coastal golf course expertly integrates the natural marshland environment into its layout, creating a beautiful setting that supports local wildlife populations.

Pawleys Plantation takes great care in integrating its maintenance and operations with environmental preservation. The course emphasizes the use of native plants to reduce watering needs, practices integrated pest management to minimize chemical usage, and utilizes a state-of-the-art irrigation system that regulates water usage.

Tidewater Golf Club

Tidewater Golf Club combines challenging golf with breathtaking scenic views. More importantly, it’s a member of the exclusive group of Myrtle Beach-area golf courses that have earned the Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary status.

Tidewater has taken substantial steps in preserving the natural heritage of the area. The golf course has installed wooden nest boxes for Eastern Bluebirds, feeding stations, and shelter for other wildlife. Apart from that, the course management has also established no-spray zones and buffer zones protecting bodies of water against chemical contamination.

Barefoot Resort & Golf

While all of Barefoot Resort & Golf’s four golf courses – the Love, Fazio, Norman, and Dye courses, are situationally aware of their environments, the Dye course has taken significant strides in becoming environmentally friendly. It’s a proud holder of the Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary status.

It’s worth mentioning that the golf course’s environmental efforts aren’t all rooted in the turf. The course has reduced the energy consumption on-site by using solar panels and maintaining low-energy lighting. They also have a recycling program that includes grass clippings, leaves, and branches, besides the standard recyclable materials.

Visiting one of these five golf courses isn’t about choosing golf over environmental consciousness – it’s about enhancing the game you love while cherishing and respecting the world in which we live. By playing on these courses, you’re not just having a great game of golf, but also you’re contributing to the vital efforts of environment preservation. So, the next time you plan a golf vacation in Myrtle Beach, consider these green links and enjoy your game in perfect harmony with nature.

2 thoughts on “The Most Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach”

  1. Really impressive to see so many courses taking environmental initiatives seriously. I’ve played on Whispering Pines and you can truly notice the difference in how they maintain their course. Can anyone tell me how these courses manage to keep their greens in check without the use of chemical pesticides?

  2. Love the blend of environmental efforts and golfing at these courses. Honestly, hitting a nice drive with such stunning nature around is an experience in itself. And hey, saving some birdies while making some birdies, it can’t get any better than that, right? Can’t wait to check out the Dunes Golf & Beach Club next month.

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